Case studies

Stakeholder communications: Partnership brokerage and workshop facilitation


The client:

Wellcome Trust / Sporta


The brief:

To assist in the development of a working relationship between the two organisations


The work:

Working for the Wellcome Trust, an independent global charitable foundation dedicated to improving health, Bavester Associates was appointed to support engagement with members of Sporta, the national association of leisure and cultural trusts.

Katie brokered initial contact between the two organisations introducing Sporta to the Wellcome Trust and their aim to identify ways of working with leisure and cultural trusts to engage the general public with their health related objectives.  Katie designed and facilitated a half day workshop involving Wellcome Trust staff from their public engagement team and leisure and culture trust representatives from across England plus senior Sporta staff.  Katie produced a summary of the workshop discussions and a short report recommending key next steps to progress actions.


The outcome:

The workshop was attended by 25 individuals and identified areas for potential partnership activity and key actions to be taken.  Subsequently further meetings between the Wellcome Trust engagement team and Sporta staff have taken place resulting in visits to a number of leisure trusts to allow the Wellcome Trust to understand their operations in more detail. As a result the Wellcome Trust is developing support resources and initiatives through which to engage with leisure trusts.


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